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Tim Hendricks Magic Mix Set

Tim Hendricks Magic Mix Set


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Finally released! SOLID INK and American West Coast black and gray legend Tim Hendricks have collaborated to create the "Magic Mix Set" ink. There are two bottle sizes: 30ml (1oz) and 118ml (4oz).

Tim Hendricks himself has mixed the inks to accurately reproduce the tones of the black inks he uses on a daily basis. In addition to the basic black, the set includes four types of gray, which can be used for everything from old school to checano style, portraits, and lettering.

Black and gray, which is primarily expressed in black light ink, can be made to look much better by using various tattooing techniques. Normally, you would want to focus mainly on machine and needle settings and techniques to improve your level of skill, but you may waste time by fumbling with mixing ink and purified water (or a special mixture). In this respect, this ink set is very convenient because it can be used right away, saving you a lot of time and effort.

This item is useful for beginners and veterans alike, whether you are looking for more than just monotonous lines and shading, want to express more subtle details, or dramatically improve your work, you can precisely use the five black tones to enhance the expressiveness of your black and gray works.

Set Contents
1) Black
The outstanding deep black, which serves as the base for everything, is ideal for lines and solid coloring. The fine-grained black blends well with the skin.

2) Dark
Also known as "single-needle mix.
This is ideal for single-needle work where you do not want dark lines that have too much presence, but you need a good density for line work. It can also be used to create a smooth gradation from medium to black. This tone is just right when black is too dark but medium is too light.

Medium (③)
This tone is easy to use and is frequently used. It is ideal for creating a soft gradation from black, or darkening a light tone slightly to create a three-dimensional effect.

4) Light
This is a velvety black tone that is ideal for creating a soft blurring effect. It can be used to express soft shading or a gray that gradually fades away and blends in with the skin.

(5) Feather Light
This tone is hardly noticeable but makes a big difference in the impression of appearance. When you do not want the black outline to stand out, as in the case of blood lining, you can leave a faint gray line. For large sized designs and other cases with multiple sessions, a gray line with Feather Light is recommended.

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