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Ultimate - 0.35mm - Magnum - Flat - Long Taper

Ultimate - 0.35mm - Magnum - Flat - Long Taper


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Revolutionize Your Art with WJX ULTIMATE’s Two-Color Gradient Technology

  • Innovative Multi-Color Fusion: Experience the cutting-edge in tattoo aesthetics. Our avant-garde approach offers a fashionable and personalized touch, embodying the spirit of modern tattoo artistry.

Advanced Ink Control with WJX Expertise

  • Smoother Ink Flow: Decades of expertise have culminated in the WJX ULTIMATE. Our refined design features a slimmer taper with an ultra-thin front end, ensuring micron-level precision in needle-taper synergy.

Enhanced Durability with the Upgraded Needle Thread

  • 10% More Resilience: The WJX ULTIMATE stands as a testament to endurance. It’s engineered for longer sessions, maintaining peak performance consistently. Say goodbye to frequent needle changes and hello to heightened efficiency.

Revolutionary Needle Washing Black Technology

  • Rapid Pigment Removal: Our innovative double window design and optimized aerodynamics create a powerful vortex for needle washing. This advanced system swiftly clears excess pigment, facilitating effortless color transitions.

Unparalleled Quality in Every Component

  • Millions of Needles, One Unique Experience: Each needle is equipped with a silicone rebound ring for quick, durable responses. The wear-resistant polymer back cover ensures a smooth, reliable operation.

WJX ULTIMATE – The New Standard in Tattoo Artistry

  • Exceptional Usability, Our Promise: Every component of the WJX ULTIMATE is crafted with precision and care, reflecting our commitment to the “new standard defined” philosophy. Elevate your art with WJX – where quality meets innovation.
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