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Ultra - 0.35mm - Liner - Long taper

Ultra - 0.35mm - Liner - Long taper


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WJX's Ultra is a new generation of cartridge needles that incorporate the most advanced manufacturing technology to meet the demands of professional tattooists. With an emphasis on hygiene and safety, the quality is even better than before, and every detail has been designed for ultimate comfort.

What stands out among the new improvements is the design of the shell, which exudes a jewel-like luxury. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also highly functional. Precision crafted from medical grade plastic, the shell connects securely and easily to the machine and feels very stable. The transparent color is easy to see visually, so it is possible to see all the ink levels that have accumulated inside.
In addition, the slimmer design of the tip section reduces needle shake more than ever. This also minimizes friction between the needle and the tip, ensuring maximum performance even during prolonged treatments.

The all-important needle is made of surgical stainless steel that has undergone a special polishing process to create a smoother surface. This process softens the resistance to the skin and allows for smoother tattooing. The ink penetrates the skin effortlessly, so even delicate linework and intricate detail shading is sharp and vivid.
Above all, ink absorption is faster and the amount of ink that accumulates has been increased, making it more efficient, less wasteful, and more comfortable.

In addition, a three-part membrane covering the needle bar acts as a barrier to prevent ink and contaminants from entering the machine. This membrane also prevents ink splattering and backflow inside the shell and stabilizes the flow. To ensure that the needle moves smoothly, a high-quality, superior silicone material is used to maintain elasticity and quiet operation.

Each cartridge needle is gas sterilized (EOG sterilized) and packaged individually. The new Ultra is a new innovation and is trusted by professional tattooists, and we are confident that you will appreciate the evolution of the cartridge needle.

Type:Round Liner
Needle diameter: 0.35mm
Taper: 5.0mm (long)
Number of needles: 1 needle - 3 needles - 5 needles - 7 needles - 9 needles - 11 needles - 14 needles
Number of needles: 20 needles
Cartridge needles are disposable products. Please dispose of them correctly after use.

Double JX Tattoo (WJX TATTOO) is a Chinese manufacturer of cartridge products with over 120 million units of manufacturing experience since its establishment in 2009.
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