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Union Black Dynamic Platinum Tattoo Ink

Union Black Dynamic Platinum Tattoo Ink


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Dynamic's REACH-compliant ink, Union Black, was specially formulated to comply with European regulations. It can be used throughout Europe and anywhere in the world.

Not only the packaging, but also the bottle is marked as a REACH-certified product, so you can rest assured. It is a black ink that does not contain isopropyl alcohol and is gentle on the skin and the environment.

Dynamic has several standard black inks, but Union Black has a different base. However, it does not disappoint with the high quality expectations, and boasts an ultra-smooth and ultra-rich flow, making it ideal for lines and packing.

Union Black has the same viscosity as other black inks, but the finish is slightly matte and cool toned. It can also be mixed with Dynamic's mixing liquid to create a smooth pastel gray.

The genuine product is packaged in a clear plastic bottle sealed with a holographic label with the Dynamic logo as an anti-counterfeiting measure. The heat seal that protects the sterilized product also has Dynamic's approval stamp. Please be careful of fake inks that damage your professional credibility.

Capacity: 30ml (1oz)
- Compliant with EU REACH regulations
- Gamma ray sterilized
- Vegan friendly (does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and is not tested on animals)
- Made in the USA

◎Dynamic Color Company is a long-established ink manufacturer in the United States. With a track record of over 30 years since 1990, it is a trusted brand that continues to be a pioneer.
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