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Wide 40mm Disposable Rubber Grip - 24個入り

Wide 40mm Disposable Rubber Grip - 24個入り


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Disposable rubber grips for all FK Iron wireless machines (Flux Max, EXO, Flux & The ONE).
The tip is soft and resilient, and the connection to the machine is durable plastic. Like standard grips, the design is ergonomic and comfortable, even during prolonged treatments. In addition, the 40 mm wide diameter allows for smooth control of the machine without the need to wrap cover tape.
All of these "Disposable Rubber Grips" are ethylene oxide gas (EOG) sterilized and individually packaged. When using the grips, the machine should be covered with a barrier film or a cover, and the grips should be placed over the barrier film or cover to keep the machine cleaner and more hygienic. Above all, since they are disposable, they help prevent cross-contamination.

Size: 40 mm in diameter
Color: Black
Quantity: 24 pieces (individually wrapped, EOG sterilized)

◎ FK Irons (FK Irons) is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art tattoo machines and devices, founded in Miami by tattoo artist and machine builder Gaston Siciliano.
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