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Wireless Machine Body

Wireless Machine Body

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FK Iron's tattoo machines are most notable for their modular design, which allows the machine to be customized by combining parts (modules). We have remained unique in a machine market where needs are diversifying, and we are developing innovative developments that allow tattooists to take control of their art.
These bodies are compatible with the Flux, Flux Max, and EXO wireless machines and can be used in common.
The body of the tattoo machine is related to the depth of the stroke. The three strokes can be easily changed by simply replacing the body without the need for multiple machines.

Stroke: 2.5mm/3.2mm/4.0mm
*Compatible with Flux, Flux Max, and EXO.

◎ FK Irons (FK Irons) is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art tattoo machines and devices, founded in Miami by tattoo artist and machine builder Gaston Siciliano.
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