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X1 Battery T18500 Twin Pack

X1 Battery T18500 Twin Pack


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This is a set of two battery packs for InkJecta's Flite X1 wireless machine.
The large lithium-ion 18500 rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of operation on a full charge. They are characterized by their powerful, high voltage, long cycle life, and excellent cost performance. They are also safe and secure with a built-in PCM (protection circuit) that prevents ignition and explosion. For backup or replacement, we recommend the use of authorized products.

In addition to the Flite X1, the SOL NOVA UNLIMITED is also compatible with Cheyenne's SOL NOVA UNLIMITED wireless pen-type machine.

Voltage: 3.6v
Capacity: 2040mAh
Built-in PCM (protection circuit)
Main body: Panasonic cell made in Japan
◎Comes in a dedicated case

InkJecta is an Australian tattoo equipment manufacturer founded by Byron and Chris, tattoo artists and studio owners. Their motto is to develop and manufacture products by tattoo artists for tattoo artists, despite being small in scale.
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