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The HAWK PEN UNIO is the culmination of Cheyenne's popular "HAWK" series, an all-in-one pen-type machine.
The HAWK Spirit (stroke: 2.5 mm) is ideal for subtle color and smooth shading, while the HAWK Thunder (stroke: 4 mm) is ideal for bold lines and strong color fills. The HAWK Thunder (HAWK Thunder: stroke 4 mm) is suitable for filling in bold lines and strong colors.
First, the stroke can be easily switched from 2.5 to 4.0 mm by simply turning the stroke adjustment. To match the stroke, the needle output can also be set from 0 to 4.0 mm by simply turning the grip.
You can quickly and accurately change the power level appropriate for your tattoo style, so you can practice line, color, and shading all with this one machine, without having to change machines.
The grips are removable, making it easy to cover and clean the machine. If you prefer disposable grips, they are compatible with all Cheyenne disposable grips, which come in three different shapes and sizes.

Stroke: 2.5 to 4.0 mm (freely adjustable)
Needle adjustment: 0 to 4.0 mm
Voltage: 6 to 12.6V
Frequency: 65 to 140Hz
Body size: 29mm in diameter x 138mm in length
Body weight: approx. 160 g
Operating mode: steady mode (hit/frequency: constant operation)
Rolling prevention design
◎Comes with a special case, a rotatable connection cable, and a wrench for the grip holder.

Cheyenne is a German manufacturer of innovative and professional tattoo equipment.

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