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The SOL NOVA UNLIMITED, Cheyenne's first wireless pen-type machine with a rechargeable battery, is a 3.5mm stroke type SOL NOVA UNLIMITED.

The battery fully charges in just 3 hours and the machine runs for at least 5 hours.
The simplicity of the machine makes it easy to cover the machine. Hygienic and safe disposable grips "Ergo Round" and "D-Grips Ergo One Inch" can also be installed.

As with previous Sol-Nova models, the Sol-Nova Unlimited allows you to line, shade, and color with a single machine by simply changing cartridge needles. In addition, there are three types of "Sol Nova Unlimited," each with a different stalk.

Stokes for the three types of machines are as follows
3.5mm: All-rounder with a good balance of both line and shading.
4.0mm: Ideal when you want to mix line and color fill in moderately.
5.0mm: Recommended for experienced artists who want to add more ink quickly

The cordless design integrates the functions of the power unit into the machine, allowing various adjustments at the touch of a button.
Frequency and voltage can be changed quickly and easily while the machine is running.
The machine is also equipped with two modes, steady mode and responsive mode, which can be switched to suit the task at hand. Steady mode operates forcefully at a constant power, whereas Responsive mode controls the power of the motor to match the resistance of the skin, making it suitable for delicate work.

[Button operation].
●On/Off: press and hold for 1 sec.
●Two modes
Steady mode (hit/frequency: constant)
Responsive mode (hit/frequency: automatic control)
Tilting the main unit while pressing the button during operation changes the frequency and voltage.
Tilting up increases frequency and voltage.
Tilting the unit down lowers the frequency and voltage.

Stroke: 3.5mm
Needle adjustment: 0~4.0mm
Voltage: 4.7 to 12V
Frequency: 25 to 140Hz
Body size: 33 mm (diameter) x 125 mm (length)
Body weight: 152g (without battery) / 184g (with battery)
Brushless DC motor
◎Comes with a special case, 2 batteries (Panasonic NCR18500A), a charger with USB cable, and an instruction manual (no Japanese translation).

Cheyenne is a German manufacturer of innovative and professional tattoo equipment.
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